Screen Printing & Embroidery File Prep and FAQ

Files Must be 300dpi at actual size

This means that if you want your graphic to be 12 inches wide, you will need a file that is at least 3600 pixels wide to start with. If you are creating your graphics in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or other vector-based software, then you just need to set your document size to the size you want your graphic to be.

A 300dpi flattened TIFF in RGB is the best way to send your apparel graphic. Even if you have it in a layout or vector-based program, outputting a hi-resolution TIFF will be the best way to ensure a speedy turnaround and avoid extra file prep charges. If you are sending a vector-based EPS or PDF, make sure you convert your type to outlines to avoid missing fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select different colors within an order?
You can mix size & color within an order. Your piece price will be reflective of the selection of whites or colors.
Can I place a graphic in multiple positions within my apparel order?
Yes, this will not cost or add any more to the print order. But to ensure the order is printed with your desired effect you will need to describe the changes in the Special Instructions in the product order form. Include a mockup file of your different positions as well.
Can I mix multiple apparel products in an order = 25, 50 or 100 and still receive the quantity pricing based on total quantity?
To receive quantity pricing you must order the same product for all of the determined quantity. Any other products added on to this order, (i.e. Babydolls, Raglans, etc.) with the same exact graphic will be priced based on the quantity selected for the original order. (Example: 100 T-shirts + 24 Babydolls = 100 quantity pricing on both T-shirts and Babydolls. 25 T-Shirts + 12 Babydolls = 25 quantity pricing on T-Shirts & Babydolls.)
If I order 100 apparel items, can I split them into two different graphics and still receive 100 quantity pricing?
No, because it is not 100 quantity. It is two orders of 50 quantity and that is how it would be priced. Orders are based on graphic setup, (SCREENS) not total quantity. This situation results in twice the setup, twice as many screens, and twice the run time.